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Preparare la pelle per le vacanze: i 4 prodotti must-have

4 Must have cosmetic products

It is time to take care of your skin and get it ready for vacation

The change from winter to summer is an extremely delicate phase. Wind, jumps in temperature and pollution might have made your skin dry, dull and asphyctic.
High-calorie food, tight clothes, and a sedentary lifestyle might have caused heaviness and water retention in the legs.

Let’s see a few tips to make your skin glow on vacation.


Exfoliating Gel with Marigold

Purification and regeneration are the first steps to tackle the summer sun. 

Whether you are going to the seaside or you prefer adventurous holidays in the mountains, it is highly recommended to use a face scrub in order to get a nice, uniform tan and avoid a patchy look.

1. Get your skin ready for sun exposure by applying our Exfoliating gel with marigold once a week and in the days before departure.

Delicately massage the product in a circular motion, insisting on the T-zone and/or rough and dull areas. Thanks to the action of its spheric micro-grains, this gel will free your skin from dead cells, sebum and impurities restoring glow and smoothness, helping you achieve a healthy, natural, and long lasting tan.


2. Face creams will be your number one ally for a healthy and glowy skin. Hydration and protection are the keywords to choose the right one for you.

Protecting skin during summer means defending it from oxidative stress and photoaging. For this reason we recommend using our Multiprotective cream SPF15, moisturizing face cream with UVA/UVB filter

The Multiprotective cream SPF15 is rich in nourishing and firming active ingredients like Sweet almond oil and Collagen. Thanks to Vitamin E, it also helps prevent the damages caused by free radicals linked to sun exposure.

Apply the Multiprotective cream SPF15 every morning by massaging in a linear upward motion until fully absorbed. Its light and pleasant texture will light up your face and your entire day!


3. A healthy lifestyle is the first recommendation to those who want to get rid of heavy and tired legs.

balanced and fiber-rich diet, 30-minute walk and 7-9 cups of water a day are three healthy habits that will help you prevent and fight water retention, bloating and tiredness.

A valid support is offered by our Cellulite cream. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bloating properties of Horse Chestnut and Ivy, it increases cellular oxygenation and nutrient intake, stimulating toxin drainage, and fighting water retention and “cottage-cheese” skin.

Use at least once a day. Massage in a circular upward motion from knee to glute.


4. If you feel like your skin is loosening and lacks elasticity you can start using a firming body cream.

After pregnancy, a significant weight loss or if you want to prevent or minimize the signs of aging you can benefit from the toning power of our Firming lotion.


In combination with a good healthy diet and regular physical activity, our Firming lotion hydrates and tones up skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for skin’s tone and elasticity. Your arms, belly, legs and glutes are now ready for summer!

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