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General Conditions of Sale The following articles are an extract of the ]

6. Price and shipping costs. Imposte e dazi
6.1 The prices of the Products are expressed in € (Euro). The applicable price is the one published on the Site at the time of sending the Orders by the User. Ker S.r.l. constantly verify that all the prices indicated on the Site are correct, however, without this being able to guarantee the absence of errors. In the event that an error is found in the price, Ker S.r.l. will give the User the possibility to reconfirm the Order in the manner set out in art. 5.3 which precedes.

6.2 The price is understood to include VAT if the Products are delivered within the European Union.

6.3 The price does not include shipping costs. Italy shipping costs € 6 with Standard Shipping under orders € 70 HOLE [PLACE19E] 0 € for orders from 70 €(estimated delivery 24-48h). If cash on delivery is required, a surcharge of € 7 will be added to the shipping cost. Shipping costs outside the Italian territory will be automatically calculated at the time of checkout based on the total weight of the order and the country of destination. Within the territory of the European Union shipping is free on orders over € 250, to countries outside the territory of the European Union shipping is free for orders over € 300.

6.4 The contribution requested by Ker S.r.l. for shipping costs it is indicated, separately from the price of the product, before sending the Order by the User and will be paid by the User together and at the same time as the payment of the price according to the procedures set out in the following art. 7.

6.5 Any taxes, duties, duties and other charges provided for by the laws of the State where the Products are shipped and delivered will be entirely borne by the User and paid by him at the time of delivery of the Products, directly to the competent tax or customs authorities or to the courier in charge of delivery. KER SRL is not responsible for any delays due to the timing of checks by the customs authorities.

9. Shipping and Delivery of Products
9.1 Given that for “shipment” of Products by Ker S.r.l. means the delivery of the same to the couriers selected from time to time, Ker S.r.l. is not required to ship the Products until it has received the payment of the price; once the payment of the price has been received, Ker S.r.l. Undertakes to ship the Products: (i) in the case of Available Products (as defined in art. 5): -within 3 working days of receipt of the payment notice; (ii) in case of unavailability of a Product indicated as available at the time of sending the Order by the Customer, Ker S.r.l. undertakes to communicate it by email to the User, proposing an alternative if possible, Freezing payment if made by credit card. In this case, Ker S.r.l. will give the User the opportunity to confirm or integrate the Order in the manner in art. 5.3 which precedes.

9.2 Ker S.r.l. guarantees the shipment of the Products, to the countries indicated on the Site, by couriers expressed from time to time selected depending on the Product object of the Order and the place of destination. The Products are shipped by Ker S.r.l. and delivered by the courier selected by Ker S.r.l. to the address indicated by the User at the time of registration pursuant to art. 3 that precedes.

9.3 Ker S.r.l. undertakes to do everything within its power to ensure that the Products are shipped pursuant to Articles. 9.1 and 9.2 are delivered by selected couriers within 5 working days for domestic orders and 10 working days for international orders depending on the country of destination. All orders are delivered from Monday to Friday excluding holidays. Ker S.r.l. is not responsible for delays in delivery beyond our control.

9.4 The delivery terms set out in art. 9.3, cannot, in any case, be considered binding and Ker S.r.l. not being able to directly control the deliveries of the Products after their shipment, cannot be held in any way responsible for their non-compliance.

9.5 As soon as the order has been taken over by the shipper, an email will be sent by the forwarder to the address indicated at the time of the order with the tracking number and any necessary reference.

9.6 Customers will be able to check the status of the Orders only after the shipment of the Products and using the tracking data provided pursuant to art. 9.5.

9.7 Customers, or other persons appointed by the Customers who are at the address indicated for the delivery of the Products in the Order Confirmation, are required to verify, at the time of delivery, that: (i) the Products are as indicated in the carrier transport document (DDT) Both in terms of number and type; (ii) the packaging/packaging of the Products is intact, not damaged, nor wet or in any case altered, even in the closing materials.

9.8 Any damage to the packaging/packaging of the Products must be immediately contested by the User by affixing a written check reserve on the proof of delivery by the courier. It is understood that, once the document of the courier has been signed without any dispute, the User can no longer raise any objection to Ker S.r.l. with reference to the external characteristics of the delivered.

9.9 The Products may be delivered by couriers only to the User or persons appointed by them; the person to whom the Products are delivered must sign to certify the delivery. Couriers do not deliver to post office boxes or by placing the Products in letterboxes or other similar places.

9.10 (see 6.3) Shipping costs for Italy amount to € 5 with Standard Shipping for orders under € 50 and € 0 for orders from € 50 (estimated delivery 24-48h) and 7 € for the mark (Estimated delivery 5-7 working days). Shipping costs outside the Italian territory will be automatically calculated at the time of checkout based on the total weight of the order and the country of destination. For orders over € 200, shipping is also free for shipments outside the Italian territory.

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