The following articles are an excerpt from Terms & condition

6. Price and shipping cost
6.1 The Price is in € (euros), The applicable Price is the one published in the On-Line Shop at the time the Orders are placed by the User. Ker S.r.l. undertakes to constantly check the On-Line Shop in order to avoid any possible error or inaccuracy. However, it is possible that the On-Line Shop bears, or might bear, errors, inaccuracies, or oversights from time to time. In case of price error, the user can reconfirm the order according to the modality described in art. 5.3.

6.2 The Price is inclusive of VAT (22%) if the Products are delivered inside the European Union.

6.3 The Price does not include shipping costs. Standard shipping to Italy is €5 for orders below €50 and free for orders over €50 (estimated delivery time 24-48 hours); If payment upon delivery (mark) is requested, a supplement of 7€ will be added to the total. Shipping costs outside Italian territory will be automatically calculated during checkout according to the total weight of the order and the destination country. Shipping is free for orders over 200€ outside of Italy.

6.4 The shipping price asked by Ker S.r.l is shown separately from the product price, before the order confirmation, and it will be paid by the user according to the method described in the following art. 7

6.5 Any possible tax, levy, expense or other duty provided for by the laws of the country in which the Products are shipped and delivered are to be entirely borne by the User, who will directly pay the amount destined to tax and customs authorities to the courier at delivery time. Ker S.r.l. is not liable for any delay due to customs checks.



9. Shipping and delivery of the Products
9.1 Being understood that "shipping" of Products by Ker S.r.l. means the collection of the items by the selected couriers, Ker S.r.l. is not obliged to ship the ordered items until the payment is received. Once it is received, Ker S.r.l. is committed to ship the products: when the Products are available (as defined under clause 5): (i)- within 3 working days from receipt of the communication authorizing the charge of payment; (ii)- should one or more Products become unavailable, even if it was available when the order was placed by the User, Ker S.r.l. will use its best endeavors to inform the User, by email, that non available item/s can be replaced by an alternative, freezing the payment if done by credit card. In this case Ker S.r.l. leaves the User the possibility to confirm or integrate the order according to methods defined under clause 5.3.

9.2 Ker S.r.l. guarantees the shipment of the Products to the countries listed in the On -line Shop, via express couriers selected from time to time depending on the Product ordered and the place of destination. Products are shipped by Ker S.r.l. and delivered by the courier selected by Ker S.r.l. to the address indicated by the User at the time of registration (see the above-mentioned clause 3).

9.3 Ker S.r.l. undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that the products shipped pursuant to art. 9.1 and 9.2 shall be delivered by the selected couriers within 7 working days in Italy and 15 working days for international orders, depending on the destination country. Every order is delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Ker S.r.l. is not responsible for any delivery delay that is beyond its control.

9.4 The delivery terms defined under clause 9.3 cannot, in any event, be considered binding and Ker S.r.l., not being able to directly control the delivery of the Products subsequent to shipment, cannot be held responsible in any way for their non-compliance.

9.5 As soon as the order is entrusted to the courier, an email with the trucking number and any necessary information will be sent to the provided User’s email address.

9.6 The User can always check the status of orders only after the shipment of Products and by utilizing tracking data communicated as described in clause 9.5.

9.7 The User, or authorized third parties who are Users at the address indicated for the delivery of the Products in the Confirmation Order, are required to check at the time of delivery, that: (i) the Products correspond to those indicated in delivery documents (DDT) for both quantity and type, (ii) the parcel/package of the Products is intact, undamaged, not wet nor altered in any way even in the closing materials.

9.8 Any damage to the parcel/package of the Products must be immediately claimed by the User by means of a check written on the subject to proof of delivery courier. It is understood that once the slip is signed without any claim, the User cannot raise any objection to Ker S.r.l., with reference to the external characteristics of the goods.

9.9 The Products may be delivered by couriers only to the User or persons he/she appoints, the subject to whom the Products are delivered must affix a signature to authenticate the delivery. Couriers do not deliver to PO boxes nor by inserting the Products in letter boxes or similar.

9.10 (See clause 6.3) Standard shipping to Italy is €5 for orders below €50 and free for orders over €50 (estimated delivery time 24-48 hours); 7€ for payment upon delivery (mark – estimated delivery time 5-7 working days). Shipping weight of the order and the destination country. Costs outside Italian territory will be automatically calculated during checkout according to the total.