The following articles are an excerpt of the Terms & Conditions

11. Right of withdrawal
11.1 Should the User who is a " consumer" (i.e. a natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business , craft or profession ), the User shall have the right , pursuant to and by effect of art. 64 of the D. Decree no. 206/2005 ( Consumer Code), to terminate the Sale and Purchase Agreement within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Products Sale and Purchase Agreement (the "Right of withdrawal "). The Right of withdrawal must be exercised by the User by sending a written notice to Ker S.r.l., by e -mail at the address referred to in art. 16. Containing: (i) the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, (ii) an indication of the Order which gave rise to the Sale and Purchase Agreement from which to cancel.

11.2 In the event of the exercise by the User the Right of withdrawal User undertake to return the products within 10 working days of receipt of the goods. All costs related to the return of the Products are entirely borne by the User. Ker S.r.l. undertakes to refund the price of the products in the shortest time possible, and in any event within 30 days from the date of receipt of notice of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 10.1, provided that:

– The Products have been returned and are intact;
– Has also been returned packing / original packaging and the Products is intact, also any accessories are returned and are intact;
– Products have not been used.

Ker S.r.l. shall communicate to the User the methods for reimbursement of the price and may for that purpose require to the User the relevant banking data (IBAN and owner of the bank account).

11.3 Should the User not exercise the right of withdrawal in a manner that is inconsistent with the procedures and time limits laid down in clause 10, the User is not entitled to a refund.

11.4  This online shop operates from the European Union and, as such, all transactions are ultimately made in Euro. If you live outside the Euro zone, the Euro value of the product will be converted into your currency on the day the refund is processed. The refund will be processed as soon as the products is returned to our warehouses and its integrity has been checked.

12. Flaws / defects of Products
12.1 Should the Products bear any faults/defects they must be reported by the User directly to Ker S.r.l.

12.2 The User is entitled to the rights of the consumer of art. 130 of Legislative Decree 206/ 05 (Consumer Code), and these rights must be exercised within the terms of Art. 132 of the same D. Decree 206/05.