Whitening Effect Serum


Formulated to provide outstanding support in preventing and correcting pigment disorders and discolouration, for an impeccably smooth and radiant complexion. Its antioxidant qualities act to scavenge reactive oxygen species, protecting the epidermis from oxidative stress and damage.



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Whitening Effect Serum

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Product Type

Whitening Serum

Recommended for

Those needing an intensive treatment with proven effectiveness, to protect and enhance the brightness of the complexion and obtain an even colour. It is a true “Light starter” and may be used occasionally, before an important event, or as part of a daily routine.

Those who need the power of vitamin C to revive dull, lifeless skin showing signs of fatigue, as an energising support during stressful periods, a demanding lifestyle, or when exposed to pollutants etc.

Those desiring an indispensable ally, as a cleansing precursor to the Vitamin C Cream, to provide visible correction and progressive reduction of local or widespread skin discolouration, or for those needing an active anti-blemish prevention.

Those desiring a highly stable vitamin C-based formula with high tolerability, designed to provide anti-ageing benefits including repair and protection of harmful damage caused by free radicals, and deep regeneration.

Skin Type

All skin types. Skin with solar lentigo, lentigo senilis (liver spots), post-inflammatory spots, chloasma and melasma.

It protects against UV solar radiation, which is not then absorbed. This reduces photo-induced damage, including the oxidation of keratin in the stratum corneum and the resultant browning and irregular production of UV-induced melanin.

A radiance activator that enhances the natural ability to reflect light, it sublimates the skin with an immediate revitalising effect and renewed splendour.

It brings a surplus of energy that counteracts the signs of ageing, premature photo-ageing, fatigue and stress, by acting on cell renewal and the fundamental metabolic processes.