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Discovery set – Perfumes

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Our Discovery set is composed of 15 vials of perfume x 0.07 fl. oz/ 2 ml. The explanatory material included will guide you through an outstanding olfactory journey.
Discover our entire collection of perfumes and pick your next favorite fragrance.



Accordo marino: Ozone perfume with a balsamic heart of eucalyptus. It recalls a blend of sea breeze and saltwater, memories of carefree summer days by the sea.

Fiore di cotone: Lavender blends with notes of thyme and vanilla to create a neat and clean perfume, just like the smell of freshly hung laundry.

Bergamundi: Lime, bergamot, and tangerine remind of a sunny day in a citrus grove. An overdose of sparkling accords embellished by magnolia and orange blossoms.

Sweet carousel: A carefree carousel ride. Almond, vanilla, and floral notes draw in the air the sweet smile of two lovers.

Oriental casbah: The earthy and primordial scent of patchouli recalls the beginning of time, stimulating and inebriating your senses.

Anniversary: Florentine spices and leather recall the artisan know-how Florence has always mastered. A scented hymn to the 460 years anniversary of the brand.

Vita nova: A celebration of renewal. Black pepper, pink pepper, and cloves create a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere.

Via dell'incenso: The warmth of incense and the intense, captivating character of woods and resins take you on a journey through history and senses.

Giardino dell'iris: A playful and seductive blend of iris and amber fills the air. The announcement of a new spring resounds in the clear sky of Tuscany.
Citrus Paradisi: A zesty breeze that ruffles your hair, fig and grapefruit blend to create an enchanting citrusy fragrance.

Cuoio toscano: Dry and bitter aroma, a smell of fine leather. Incense and patchouli give the fragrance a smoky and penetrating touch.

Reunion vanilla: Between the rustling sound of flowering trees and the silence of secrets treasured at the bottom of the ocean, Vanilla and Orchid blend together.

Oud e rosa nera: Warm notes of oud perfectly blend with rose to give life to a sensual fragrance that evokes mellow Middle Eastern atmospheres.

Whisky nobile:  The dim light of a lamp, a 24-hour bag carelessly left on the desk. A strong and persistent aroma of whisky and coffee fills the air.

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