Christmas 2021 gift ideas:

surprise your loved ones with cosmetics, perfumes and home fragrances!

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is no easy job. It is a mission which requires patience and commitment. This year we want to help you out with some tips and suggestions. A wide selection of products from our scented universe is waiting for you to choose: cosmetics for him and for her, shaving products, perfumes and home fragrances. Check out our galleries and get inspired.

Cosmetics for her

The women in your life deserve to take care of themselves, of their well-being and their skin. Swipe right to find new ways to say “I love you” to the woman you love.

Moisturizing cream with marigold

24h moisturizer for delicate skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, Sweet almond oil, it freshens up skin and prepares it for make up application. Suitable for young girls and for sensitive, redness-prone skin.
To enhance the results, combine it with our Marigold toner, a light alcohol-free lotion that completes the cleansing routine and delivers a soothing and regenerating action.

Anti-aging cream with Vitamin E

Anti-aging and anti-radical cream for mature skin. Specifically formulated for dry skin, it deeply hydrates and nourishes skin leaving it super soft. Enriched with Vitamin E and Wheat germ oil, it is highly recommended for over 50s.

Radiance cream with Vitamin C

Radiance cream with Vitamin C, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. Delivers an anti-radical action, evens skin color and fights spots or dyschromia. The overall effect is a brighter and more toned up skin. Suitable for normal and combination skin of all ages.

Rosa mosqueta oil

100% Rosa mosqueta oil. Thanks to its well-known regenerative and nourishing properties, it reduces wrinkles, enhances skin tone and elasticity, and lessens stretch marks and scars. This quick-absorbing dry oil is highly recommended for eye and lip contour. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive ones included.

Moisturizing lotion - body

With Shea butter, Elastin and Green Tea, it fights aging processes and enhances epidermal oxygenation. Thanks to the moisturizing and protective action of its key ingredients, it keeps skin soft and elastic, even during the coldest season of the year. It is a nice gift idea especially if you do not know the skin type or the beauty routine of the recipient.

Hair conditioner

Hair care treatment that restores vitality and shine. The Hair conditioner nourishes hair, improving its look, making it softer and frizz-free. Enriched with Nettle, Calendula extract, Cinchona extract.

Argan oil

Vegetable oil for body, face, and hair. This is the perfect gift for someone who is really into hair care and beauty treatments such as face masks, manicure. The Argan oil can be used in multiple ways: to give hair shine and strength, to nourish and soften the body, to fight cracks and dryness if applied on hands and cuticles.

Cosmetics and aftershaves for him

Whether he shaves every morning or is a grooming fan, you can find the perfect gift idea for him in our gallery below.

Aftershave lotion

Alcohol-based lotion with blueberry extract. Enhances capillary resistance and optimizes microcirculation. Its citrus scented fragrance is a perfect match for a classy, old fashioned man.

Aftershave emulsion

Alcohol free lotion. Horse chestnut, Aloe vera and Marigold deliver a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect. Specifically formulated for sensitive and irritation-prone skin.

Beard and mustache balm

A very nice gift for a man who wears a long beard and shows it with pride. Thanks to Hyaluronic acid and Collagen, this balm strengthens the hair structure and enhances combability and flexibility. Beard and mustache will look soft and shiny.

Shaving cream

Our shaving cream makes skin softer, more resistant to the blade and it is easy to use in its airless tube. Delivers an overall feeling of freshness and wellbeing. Thanks to the Sunflower oil, it prevents redness and irritation. If you do not know the skin type or shaving routine of the recipient, our Shaving cream could be the perfect gift idea!

Home decor gift ideas

Have you been invited to a Christmas dinner and don’t want to go empty-handed? Have you been invited to a housewarming party? Check out our gallery for inspiration.


Warm and cozy like a winter night by the fireplace, wearing a big soft wool scarf. Almond and vanilla create a festive and relaxed atmosphere.


Oud and Black Rose let you travel through space and time. Oriental fragrance that evokes faraway places. The perfect gift for curious souls bursting with energy.


Delicate and soft like the fabric after which it is named (Seta= Silk). Recommended for night and relaxing areas. Notes of fig and magnolia create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Medici e speziali

Notes of pink and black pepper create a vibrant and energizing fragrance. Ideal for day areas or offices, it is perfect for creative and fanciful personalities.

Scented Christmas: perfumes for him and for her

If you already know his/her favourite olfactory notes, surprise your loved one with the perfect fragrance. Browse through the gallery and discover our tips.

Anniversary - Parfum

Anniversary celebrates our 460 years anniversary. It is a hymn to Florence, to its arts and crafts. Leather, tobacco, and spices evoke the smell of Florentine artisan shops while bran pays tribute to rural life. The base of vanilla gives the perfume a sweet final twist. Elegant scent, suitable for charming, creative and sophisticated personalities.

Fiore di cotone – Eau de parfum

Fiore di cotone is the aroma of freshly hung laundry, enlightened by the first rays of sun. Lavender and aromatic notes recall a sense of softness and clearness, Iso and Super create a harmony of velvety and vaguely ambery notes. This fragrance is ideal for dreamers and reserved personalities.

Sweet carousel – Eau de parfum

The smell of freshly baked cakes spreads into the streets, a carefree carousel ride. The sweet smile of two lovers meeting during town celebrations. A gourmand fragrance filled with sweetness. Almond and vanilla blend with floral notes of geranium and jasmine creating an enveloping and welcoming fragrance, as warm as the embrace of your loved one.

Giardino dell’iris – Parfum

Giardino dell’iris encloses the essence of one the most magical gardens in Florence. Iris, its main note, pays tribute to Florence and its history. Notes of amber and myrrh create a peaceful and playful atmosphere, like a sunday stroll in good company. Delicate at first, it conquers the senses with its oriental charm.

Via dell’incenso – Parfum

Via dell’incenso is an intense, enveloping, and sensual fragrance. A mystical scent evoking echoes of old stories. The Incense Trade Route (Via dell’Incenso) was an ancient network of major land and sea trading routes linking the Mediterranean world with the Arabian peninsula. Herbs, spices, cosmetic ingredients and essences came through this trade route from the East. A perfume for deep personalities and for people who like being noticed.

Other interesting products

Choose your favorite. For a relaxing bath, for a touch of perfumed warmth.