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In 2021, we are celebrating our 460° anniversary.

I have been considering this year as a symbol, an opportunity to celebrate. I have long been asking myself “How do I want to achieve this goal? How do I want to address this challenge?”.

I found the answer in history and in the example set by those who came before me. Every corner, every single shelf of our historical shop in Via dei Servi 80R tells the story of the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that my family shared with all those who came before us. Such longstanding passion has allowed Farmacia SS. Annunziata to evolve through the centuries while remaining deeply rooted in tradition.

It is now time for us to renew our history.

In 2021 Farmacia SS. Annunziata will experience a 360° revolution that will feature a renewed brand identity and fragrances. We have restlessly worked to improve ourselves, to take a centuries-old inheritance into the upcoming decade with new awareness and ideas.

I wish to make my personal mark by working on every single detail, even the smallest one, moved by the desire to create and offer value, for nothing will ever compare to seeing satisfaction in your eyes or reading wonder in your words.

This is a year for new challenges.
The year for a new concept in beauty.

Elena Azzerlini

Elena Azzerlini